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Hiroaki Higaki from Japan

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Hiroaki Higaki from Japan
Pictured below on the left, with a friend.

You can also see this interview in Japanese, by downloading this PDF document

japanese guys

1) What’s your name? Does your name mean something?
My name is Hiroaki Higaki. My first name means "generosity" and my last name means "cheerful"

2) What country are you from? Where on the world map can we find your country?
I’m from Japan. Japan is in East Asia on the world map. Many statues of Buddha made of stone stand on a hill near my city of Hiroshima and quietly welcome travelers.

3) What is your country known for?
My country is known for its hardworking people.

4) What is the official language of your country? Do you speak any other language (s)?
The official language of my country is Japanese. Yes, I speak English a little.

5) What do you like about living in your city? What don’t you like about living in your city?
I like to be surrounded by nature. I don't like the transportation facilities that are not quite good.

6) This is how you say "Good Bye" in my language:

7) What’s your favorite movie/book/ TV show?
My all-time favorite movie is "Pirates of The Caribbean."

8) Who is your favorite musician or group? Describe their style of music
My favorite musicians are "Joanne D’Arc" and "Red Hot Chili Peppers"

9) Describe a typical school day.
In the morning I have three lessons (fifty minutes per lesson) and three lessons in the afternoon. I take a course designed for students who want to enter prestigious universities such as Tokyo University, Kyoto University, and so on. Being connected to a major cram school Yoyogi Zeminar, my school provides students with information about universities. Each class is small. The school helps students reach their own goals by the shortest way.

10) What are your favorite and least favorite subjects? Why?
My favorite subject is English. The reason is I’m interested in the world. I want to contribute to the world in the future. My least favorite subject is Math. The reason is I'm not good at studying math.

11) What are some of the fashion trends for girls this year? What about for boys?
For girls: roll-up jeans, frills, ribbons, vivid colors...etc. For boys: nothing special.

12) What’s your favorite Japanese food? Describe it.
My favorite food is Tendon. This dish is tempura, fried shrimp, and broth (dashi) on boiled rice.

13) Do you like American food? If so, what kinds?
My favorite food is Tendon.

14) What do you think of Americans?
I like them because I think they express themselves clearly and straightforwardly.

15) The latest slang word/phrase in Japan is:
The latest slang word is "Manifest" which means political pledge. It was used during the election for the House of Representatives last year.

16) What do you do on the weekends?
I usually study. Sometimes I cook.

17) When you go out with your friends, how do you get to where you are going? E.g.: Bus, motorbike, car,on foot, etc.
I go to see movies with my friends by train or bus.

18) This is how you say Thank you in Japanese

19) If an American student came to your city, where would you take him/her?
I live on an island. So the sea is very beautiful. And I would take him to the beach. This island has many places with beautiful views. So I would take him there.

20) Finish this sentence: "In 6 years from now, I will...
In 6 years from now, I will study abroad because I want to know many things about the world. I will enter college. I’ll be majoring in the College of International Relations. In foreign country, I communicate with them and ask about their culture, eating customs, etc.... And I will come back to my country, get a job with a company which has markets in foreign countries in order to make use of my experience studying abroad.

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