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A Jangada de Pedra (The Stone Raft) by José Saramago
Once Minutos (Eleven Minutes) by Paulo Coelho

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Book Reviews

Once Minutos (Eleven Minutes) - 2003
Coelho, Paulo
Paulo Coelho, the world-renowned Brazilian writer, has written a wonderful novella called Once Minutos. María is a simple girl who comes from a small town in Brazil; she grows up believing that she will never find her "true love". On her first vacation, she travels to Rio de Janeiro where she meets somebody who takes her to Geneva, Switzerland. Left alone, not knowing the language, she becomes a prostitute to survive. Even though the odds are against her, she shows a strong confidence and an unusual will beyond her limitations...until she meets Ralph Hart, a Bohemian but successful artist. A powerful collision between two worlds occurs. Is it possible for a "dirty" girl like Mar´┐Ża to find real love? Does she deserve to love and to be loved in return? I invite you to laugh, dream, and cry with this book based on a real story.
- Recommended by Juan Ramón Joya

A Jangada de Pedra (The Stone Raft)
Saramago, José
The Pyrenees Mountains that separate France from Spain begin to crack, and the Iberian Peninsula slowly becomes unattached from continental Europe. It begins to sail west at about 18 kilometers a day and seems destined to smash into the Azores. The people of Lisbon and the other coastal cities flee to the countryside to escape the impact. As people wander around the peninsula, four individuals meet by chance and decide to travel together. The author tells how they face their bizarre destiny. This book and other novels by Saramago, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998, are available in English translations in US bookstores.
- Recommended by Christine Meloni

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