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Aprilhäxan (April Witch) Axelsson, Majgull

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Book Reviews

Aprilhäxan (April Witch)
By Axelsson, Majgull

April Witch is a marvelous tale of social realities shown through dreams and magic. The narrator, Desiree, is a highly intelligent but severely disabled woman with the ability to leave her crippled body and travel in the bodies of birds and animals. This way, she is able to see the lives of the three women her mother adopted after being coerced into institutionalizing her own child. Desiree brings these very different sisters who cannot stand each other (a doctor, a physicist and a drug addict) back together and becomes obsessed with the idea that one of them has led the life that was "meant" for her. She is determined to do everything she can to find out which one.
-Recommended by Anna Ohlsson

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