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Album Titles

Bebel Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto
Tsuketani, Kapa Dech
Obrigado Brazil, Yo-Yo Ma

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Album Reviews

Tsuketani (2001)
Dech, Kapa.
Mozambique’s very own music group Kapa Dech is a must have! Kapa Dech was formed in April 1996 in Maputo and is best known for their blending of traditional and modern African sounds. The group has two albums, Katchume and Tsuketani. Their awards include the Music Crossroads festival prize for Best Band in the southern African region. Kapa Dech was also voted Personality of the Year in the culture category by the leading newspaper in Mozambique. The songs are performed in local languages, but the lyrics are written in English. You will be so caught up by the beautiful melodies and percussion that you won’t have time to worry about language. You can purchase music by Kapa Dech at
- Recommended by Dorcas Francisco

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Bebel Gilberto (2004)
Gilberto, Bebel.
This self-titled, sophomore CD from Brazilian chanteuse Bebel Gilberto is not much different from her first CD music-wise. The sound itself is sweet, gentle and relaxing, but Gilberto makes no effort to break out of her comfort zone. Her deep musical roots are undeniable however, as she delivers a more hip, modern version of her father’s, Jaoa Gilberto, signature "bossa nova" sound. But the style doesn’t restrict the tunes or the variety. She can be excellent company on a breezy summer afternoon with her "August Day Song" and fun and bouncy with "Sem Contecao." One thing is certain though, these songs have happy vibes. With titles that translate to "Be Happy" and "Happier" and a sensual rhythmic voice, one thing is certain - there’s no denying the upbeat message in all of the songs throughout the album.
- Recommended by Carolina Ferrerosa

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Obrigado Brazil (2003)
Ma, Yo-Yo.
On Obrigado Brazil, gifted cellist Yo-Yo Ma makes an uninhibited foray into South American music backed by the crème de la crème of Brazilian and Latin American talent: Sergio and Odair Assad on guitars, Paquito D'Rivera on clarinet, percussionist Cyro Baptista, vocalist Rosa Passos, Kathryn Stott on piano, and Egberto Gismonti, composer and instrumentalist extraordinaire. Ma, courageous, bold, and ambitious, aims to capture the essence of Brazil’s enormously diverse musical genres on this sixteen track album. He succeeds, and the result is a delightful blend of classical, bossa nova and samba music existing in perfect harmony. Be sure to listen to the hauntingly beautiful melody "Saudade", and allow the beat of the drums in the unashamedlyup-tempo "Brasileirinho" to transport you to the gay streets of Rio de Janeiro during carnival time. Indeed, obrigado (thank you) Brazil!
This album is available in most music stores and from Amazon.
- Recommended by Ephy Amoah-Ntim

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