2008 NorthEast Conference Presentation:

A Mission to Learn: Strategy Advice from Intermediate LCTLs Students, Anna Uhl Chamot and Jill Robbins, National Capital Language Resource Center
Presenters introduce video clips of candid guided interviews and think-alouds with second-year university learners of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Students reveal their strategies for meeting the challenges of these languages and reflect on their motivations and ideas for improving instruction. Differences are discussed between heritage and nonheritage learners approach to target culture. Teachers may use these videos to communicate advice to their own LCTL students. Presented in English with examples in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean and of interest to college faculty.


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What LCTLs Students Want their Teachers to Know
Anna Uhl Chamot (George Washington University)
Jill Robbins (NCLRC)

ACTFL 2007
3:15pm - 4:30pm, Convention Center / 201

Students of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) discussed how classroom techniques and assignments helped or hurt their struggles to learn. Teachers may be surprised to hear what activities students want MORE of in language classes. Interviewees also detailed many creative, unique learning strategies and approaches they use with their languages.

Powerpoint presentation (this contains video clips from interviews with students)

Notes from PowerPoint (These contain transcripts of the quotes by students shown in the video clips)

Handout with group activity used for conference presentation