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Preparing Language Teachers for the 21st Century:
Tech for Teachers Portal

Below is a selection of virtual presentations meant to be shared with those who couldn't attend the sessions or the conference.
Thanks to the many volunteers who helped to make our Tech for Teachers sessions work. Our special thanks go to Frenk Tuzi, who helped us in person and recorded and uploaded the flash versions of some of the presentations below, and to Thomas Robb, who helped many presenters resolve tech issues during the conference.

Click on the links below to read details, then open or download the presentation files.



Golombek & Reis



Title of Presentation Format/Link
C. Patricia Alvarez exampleTeaching Training Development Course in Communicative Competence, EFL Methodology and Optimization of Language Resource Centers

html page

pdf file

Nermin S. Eltorie

Presentation: Teacher Training and Technology of Today
Nermin Eltore shares her research, experiences and frustrations in her teacher training program.Findings

html page
Flashed Presentation
Poster: The Rights and Wrongs of Writing RubricsEltorie html page
Donna Clementi

Learning by Doing
Symposium: Approaches to Teacher Education in Technology - Donna Clementi describes the effective use of technology that is woven into both the delivery of instruction and the performance objectives for the course.

Audio (MP3)
Susan Colville-Hall &
Lynn Smolen
Lessons Learned from an Accelerated Program Flashed Presentation
Paula Golombek &
Davis Reis
Dynamic Assessment in L2 Teacher Education: The Use of Video Protocolsimage html page
Paul Garcia,
Jennifer Eddy, Mary Curran, & Marcela van Olphen
Sharing Responsibilities for Tomorrow's Teachers Today:
"Gown" and "Town" Meet
pdf file
Talia Kowitt

Multilingual Family Literacy in ESL

Site pic

html page

Eva Szabo & Dora Chanesman Introducing Instructors to the Smart Board as a 21st Century Language Teaching Tool trainers

html page

Thomas Robb Teacher Training in Technology: Overcoming Limitations
- Tom Robb shares his experiences and knowledge about overcoming the limitations teacher trainers encounter and offers standards to provide effective technology training.activity

html page

Flashed Presentation

Thomas Robb Technology implementation at the curriculum level & professional training
Symposium: Approaches to Teacher Education in Technology - Thomas Robb shares how technology can be used to empower students to learn without burdening teachers with additional training.
Audio (Mp3)
Eva Leons Using Technology to Meet the Needs of At-Risk Students & Students with Learning Disabilities Learning in the Foreign Language Classroommashups html page
Cynthia Lundgren, Deirdre Kramer, & Ann Mabbott Collaborative Program Evaluation that Leads to Program Changesample html page
Deirdre Kramer & Cynthia Lundgren Integrating Constructivism into an Online Methods Coursereview

html page

Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher

Implementing the EPOSTL
(European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages)
in Pre-service Teacher EducationEPOSTL

html page
Frank Tuzi The Impact of Web2.0 on Second Language Education
- Frank Tuzi discusses the many facets of web2.0 and its possible/probable impact on language teaching by considering the implications of the Long Tail.
Flashed presentation
FrankTuzi Current Issues in Professional Development in Technology
Symposium: Approaches to Teacher Education in Technology -
- Frank Tuzi reviews critical issues in professional development specifically related to technology, teaching and the classroom.
Flashed Presentation
Duane Sider What the Student Brings
- Duane Sider explores what the 21st century brings to the learning experience and how teachers need to rethink their role in the modern classroom.
Flash Presentation
See the conference program for more presentation details.

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See Flash Presentations (sound and images) of LTE presentations and other related conferences on Frank Tuzi's site

Plenary Speaker Presentations:

Jack Richards
Plenary Address: Trends in Second Language Teacher Education html page
ppt file
Bill Johnston

The Moral Lives of Teacher Educators johnston



Karen Johnson
A Sociocultural Perspective on Language Teacher Education pdf
Simon Borg
Teacher Cognition and Communicative Language Teaching pdf



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