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What do you find most challenging about teaching world language to ELL or students with special needs?

November Question: How do you differentiate instruction in the WL Classroom?

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October Question: How do you teach culture?

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Culture is an integral part of my curriculum; in fact, it is the basis of everything that I do. I use the culture as the vehicle for teaching students grammar points. For example, my students learn about the Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures, and through our study of these three pre-Columbian civilizations, we study the preterite and the imperfect tenses. This method of integrating grammar and culture is very effective and beneficial to students to have both language and culture together, rather than having them presented separately.

September Question: How do you inform students about and get them interested in study abroad opportunities?

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June/July Question: If your school would pay for it what would you most like to do to improve your language teaching ability during the summer vacation?

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Travel! I'd take either a study abroad or volunteer trip to a Spanish-speaking country. I do this on my own every few years but it would be nice for someone else to pay!

Fly to Manosque and spend the whole time with my French cousins. No English at all for 3 months.

Provide them with online Rosetta Stone TOTALe to increase their motivation and help them maintain and improve their progress.

I would travel to a Spanish-speaking country I've never visited before and talk with as many people in as many cities as I could. Every travel experience I have ever had has enhanced my ability to describe foreign cultures to students with greater detail, clarity and richness.

I would take a language course in the a country where the target language is spoken.

I would do a 3 day Immersion with native speakers.It would include daily news, music, dancing and singing, films, discussion, a field trip to a Hispanic market, meriendas, una fiesta final.

Go to a Spanish speaking country, take cultural classes and live with a host family. My real dream would be to go to Portillo Chile and work as a ski and snowboard instructor during the summer (which I do during weekends during the winter in CT).

I would travel to a country that speaks the target language.

I would like to have an opportunity to go the country where my language is spoken to update my skills. I would like to study how the language has evolved since I studied it 25 years ago. I want to learn the new idioms and the new popular culture.

I actually did it this summer! I studied at the Fundacion Ortega y Gasset in Madrid in the program for North American professors sponsored by the Consejeria de Educacion and the Embajadas de Espana. We studied new methodology in the teaching of Spanish as a second language, contemporary Spanish culture, and grammar and linguistics. It was fenomenal! My school helped fund this wonderful adventure and it was worth every penny I paid myself as well.

May Question: How do you integrate global awareness with standards based teaching?


April Question: How do you prepare your students to enter a language related career?

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Connect students' language learning to as many other disciplines during their school day. after school, and on the weekends as possible. Enlist the support of colleagues, parents, administrators, community members to help you with this challenge.

March Question: How has being bilingual impacted your life?

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February Question: At what point did you feel that you were really a professional in language teaching?

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January Question: Do you think that the terminology used to refer to languages matters? How or why?

Reader Response: Yes, because the word foreign has a pejorative connotation.
December Question: What technology innovations have you found successful in your teaching?

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Digital stories have been successful!


November Question: In what ways have Millennials challenged you and how have you met the challenge?

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Millennials have definitely challenged me in using the internet, technology and other different high tech means. IPod and voice thread too. Text books are no longer THE teaching method. I am trying to learn all the new methods to communicate with my students through the methods they use to communicate with their peers. Recently I am using my face book to connect with them too and keep up with the new era of fast technology learners. NCLRC Homepage | Newsletter | Poll of the Month