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2:3 - Portfolio assessment and the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning

This project links portfolio assessment with the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The Standards were developed as a reflection of the best foreign language teaching practices in the country and to provide a goal toward which foreign language learning is directed. They do not, however, compose a curriculum. This allows teachers and schools great flexibility in working toward the Standards within the existing instructional environment.

We have linked portfolio assessment with the Standards because many school districts and states are moving toward implementing portfolio assessment and seeking ways to adapt existing curricula to reflect the Standards. Portfolios can provide educators with a concrete performance measurement of what students can do in the language. The contents serve as progress indicators toward the Standards. However, as a prelude to measuring students' progress towards the Standards, educators need to evaluate whether and to what extent instructional practices and curricula reflect the Standards. This manual contains worksheets teachers can use to assess the extent to which their own classroom practices reflect the Standards (Teacher's Foreign Language Standards Checklist and Teacher's Assessment Check: Responsiveness to Standards). It also contains a checklist for students to assess which Standards they have met through doing a particular language learning task (Student's Foreign Language Standards Checklist).

An abbreviated version of the Standards follows. Information on ordering a complete copy is given in the annotated references.

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