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3:2 - Cooperation

Planning for and implementing portfolios is challenging. Working with other teachers is a good strategy for success. Whether your colleague is experienced in using assessment portfolios or not, sharing the work and brainstorming ideas provide you with support. You could work with colleagues who teach the same or different languages. Looking at completed portfolios, even from other subjects, can give you ideas which will help you plan. You may be a portfolio trailblazer in your school--in this case, investigate whether local, state, or national language teachers' groups can provide any support in terms of resources. If you have access to electronic mail, you could also communicate in this way with teachers at other schools who are working with portfolios. There are also foreign language teacher listservs to explore through e-mail.

When you have experience using assessment portfolios, share what you have learned as well as the questions you still have with teachers who are starting out with portfolios. Your experience is valuable and can be shared with individual teachers, at in-service workshops, and via newsletter and journal articles.

Work with a colleague to implement portfolios!

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