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3:5 - Using the Teacher Self-Efficacy Questionnaire

As you will read in this manual, self-assessment is an important part of portfolio assessment and encouraging learners to become responsible for their own learning. To help you use this manual most effectively, we are providing a Teacher Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (TSEQ). The TSEQ asks you to think about how certain you feel that you could carry out various aspects of the portfolio assessment process. Read each item and indicate your confidence level for doing the activities described on the scale.

The TSEQ is a self-assessment; your responses may be based largely on your past experience with portfolios. Thus, if you have little experience you may not feel very confident as you begin reading this manual. However, this should encourage you to focus on aspects of portfolio assessment discussed in the manual that you find challenging. You can complete this questionnaire again after you have finished working through this manual as a way to measure your progress and readiness. If you are still uncertain about some areas, you may wish to re-read certain s and work with other teachers.

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