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4:1 Design Steps in Portfolio Assessment

In order to effectively design and implement portfolio assessment, you need a model to provide a framework for your work. The following model outlines the essential steps necessary to design and implement a portfolio assessment project. Following these steps will help ensure that your portfolio is a reliable and valid assessment tool (Click here for more on validity and reliability of portfolio assessment). Steps one through five (setting assessment purpose through setting criteria) encompass the design phase and are done in advance in the planning process. The more time spent planning and designing the portfolio project, the greater the probability of success and longevity of the project. Advance planning also leads to less work maintaining the portfolio during the semester and more time for implementing or carrying out your plan. It also allows more time to focus on students' progress. Step six (monitoring progress) is ongoing throughout the implementation of the portfolio. Step seven (evaluating the process) occurs after the portfolio project.
  1. Set Assessment Purpose
  2. Identify Instructional Objectives
  3. Match Task to Objectives
  4. Set Criteria
  5. Determine Organization
  6. Monitor Progress
  7. Evaluate the Portfolio Process

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