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Portfolio Contents

Once you have determined the goals for your portfolio, you can begin to consider ways in which students can provide evidence of learning; that is, decide what types of student work will be included. To do this, the first step is evaluating available resources and assessing your current classwork. The second step is setting guidelines so that the portfolio contents match objectives and give students the opportunity to demonstrate their progress.

7:1 Inventory of available resources
7:2 Inventory of current activities
7:3 Matching contents to goals
7:4 Organizing portfolio contents
7:5 Guidelines for selecting contents
7:6 Integrating Portfolio Assessment and Instruction

Planning Worksheet for Specifying Portfolio Contents
Practice Unit: Portfolio Organization Worksheet
Student's Annotation for Artifacts
Teacher's Foreign Language Standards Checklist
Student's Foreign Language Standards Checklist
Inventory Sheet
Content Organization Sheet
Plan Implementation

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