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7:4 Organizing portfolio contents

The Portfolio Content Analysis Form and The Portfolio Table of Contents illustrate possible ways of organizing contents. The forms can be filled out either at the beginning of the assessment period or as the portfolio is created. When the forms are filled out depends on the amount of flexibility in instruction and student input. Both forms show multiple evidences of progress toward the learning goals, which is necessary to attain reliability. Also each artifact and attestation is dated to show progress over time.

Portfolio Content Analysis Form
(Adapted from Valdez Pierce and O'Malley, 1992, NCBE)
Portfolio Purpose: Student demonstrates growth in oral communication on a variety of topics.
Portfolio Goals Contents Illustrating Student Progress Date
Student communicates orally to express personal preferences and exchange information.Audiotape of a biographical interview.

Self-assessment of a dialogue on food preferences.

Teacher observation checklist on small group practice/discussion of a fairy tale.




Student presents ideas orally to classmates on a variety of topics. Self-assessment of a biographical monologue.

Peer-assessment of a presentation on a traditional New Year's meal in the target country.

Video tape of poster board fairy tale retelling.




Student demonstrates progress in using appropriate question intonation. Audiotape of a biographical interview.

Self-assessment of a dialogue on food preferences.



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