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Designing Portfolio Assessment: Teacher Planning Worksheet

1. Set assessment purpose. What aspects of teaching and learning do you want to assess? Why? Who will be involved?

2. Identify instructional outcomes that reflect the assessment purpose. What exactly will you look for?

3. Identify instructional tasks that match the outcomes. Consider current and new tasks and assessment measures.

4. Determine how students will reflect on their work. What self-assessment, goal-setting, and metacognitive tasks will you include?

5. Decide how you will determine criteria for the portfolio assessment. How will you and your students decide what to include in the portfolio? How will you and your students assess individual pieces of work? What types of rubrics and checklists will you use?

6. Determine the organization and logistics. How will you set up, introduce, and maintain the portfolio project? Where will you store the portfolios? What media will students use? How long will students work on the portfolios?

7. Decide if and how parents will participate.

8. Identify other areas of concern regarding portfolios and identify resources for answering those questions.