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You can find many of the forms associated with portfolio assessment on this page. However, it is still under construction, so more will be available in the coming week.

You can either print these forms out on your printer and fill them in by hand, or you can fill them in online. If you fill them out online, you must print the results or copy and paste the results into your browser. The results will not be saved once the window is closed.

Part 3 - How to Use This Manual

Teacher Self-Efficacy Questionnaire
Selecting a Portfolio Class and Support system

Part 4 - Model for Portfolio Assessment

Designing Portfolio Assessment: Teacher's Worksheets

Part 5 - Planning for Portfolios

Resources and needs: Setting your purpose
What Would You Recommend?
Establishing the Purpose and Audience for Your Portfolio

Part 7 - Portfolio Contents

Planning Worksheet for Specifying Portfolio Contents
Practice Unit: Portfolio Organization Worksheet
Student's Annotation for Artifacts
Teacher's Foreign Language Standards Checklist
Student's Foreign Language Standards Checklist

Part 8 - Creating Rubrics

Setting Reasonable Goals
Setting Personal Language Goals
Presentational Speaking: Self- and Peer-Assessment
Interactive Speaking Interview of Classmate: Self-Assessment
Role Play: Peer-Assessment
Story Retelling Checklist: Self-Assessment
Writing Rubric: Self-Assessment
Writing Rubric: Peer-Assessment
Listening to a News Story: Self-Assessment
Writing Assignment Guidelines and Assessment
Classwork in My Foreign Language Class: Self-Assessment
Auto-evaluación del trabajo en clase/Participación en clase
Travail en classe dans mon cours de langue: Auto-évaluation
Cooperative Group Work: Self-Assessment
Rating Your Language Learning Capability for French
Sample Learning Strategies Questionnaire for Reading : Russian
Sample Learning Strategies Questionnaire for Speaking : Russian
Learning Strategies Think-Aloud Record
Teaching Learning Strategies: A Checklist for Teachers

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