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Teacher Certification Information

Each state or district has differing rules that apply to teacher certification. The usual path to certification begins in an undergraduate program of study, fulfilling a certain number of credit hours in the language and taking education courses. The teacher candidate must also take a series of exams, called the Praxis Series, which are developed by ETS. A site offering free material for practicing and preparing for the Prasix series is available here. Some school districts and states are offering alternatives to this traditonal route. These may often involve an arrangement by which the teacher can begin teaching on a provisional basis while working toward certifcation.

Schools of Education can volunteer to be accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The National Foreign Language Standards Collaborative, in conjunction with ACTFL, designed foreign language teacher preparation program standards that have been required for foreign language teacher preparation programs undergoing NCATE review since 2004.

We've compiled some links for some departments of education sites regarding foreign language certification below. Click on the map to browse by state.

*Note: In order to see the information, your browser must allow pop-ups. If after allowing pop-ups in your browser you still can't see the information, please go to the Certification - Index Page.


Praxis Exams

Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Assessments (PPST®) are designed to measure basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The reading, writing, and mathematics assessments are available in two formats: paper-based or computer-based.

Praxis II: Subject Assessment tests measure knowledge of specific subjects that K-12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. There are Subject Assessments, Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests and Teaching Foundations Tests.

Praxis III: Classroom Performance Assessments comprise a system for assessing the skills of beginning teachers in classroom settings. ETS developed Praxis III for use in teacher licensing decisions made by states or local agencies empowered to license teachers. Under the guidelines that govern its use, Praxis III may not be used for the purpose of making employment decisions about teachers who are currently licensed.

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