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Current Entry - September 2009 Where do I find statistics on Chinese Language Learners?

Dear Dora,

I am trying to find some reliable statistics on the number of Chinese language learners in K-12 and higher education in the United States. Could you direct me to resources where I may obtain this information? Thank you.

Best Regards,
Meei Shi Child  


Dear Meei Shi Child,

The Center for Applied Linguistics ( is expected to publish the results of a nationwide survey on world language enrollments in the US for K-12 learners, including Chinese language learners, this year. The Asia Society also has information on persons learning Chinese. You might want to contact Shuhan Wang. The best source for postsecondary information is the Modern Language Association ( The MLA does a survey every 5 years so while the information is 5 years old, we have discovered that the trends don't change all that drastically in a 5-year period at the university/college levels. 

With best wishes,.
Dora Johnson

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