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In this section we talk about blogs, how to start a blog, links to useful blogs relevant to foreign language teaching and learning, and more. Below is the list of entries. You can see blogs relating to culture in the Culture Club's Blogger's Den.

A blog for France Synergies
How to Blog,How to Start a blog
History of Web Logs
Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes

A blog for France Synergies
This blog is a collaborative effort of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center sponsors and organizes a wide range of projects to support learning and access to the French language and francophone cultures.

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How to Blog, How to Start a blog

Follow these useful steps to create your own blog:
  1. Determine a theme
  2. Select a service
  3. Set up a Blog
  4. Write your first post
  5. Consider using an off-line blog client
  6. Add the bells and whistles
  7. Publicize your blog
  8. Write regularly
For the complete tutorial by Michael Hyatt, go here:

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History of Web Logs

You would like to know more about blogs, what they are?, where they come from? You will find all the information here:

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Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes
This article by Aaron Campbell suggests three ways to use blogs in the ESL classroom: The Tutor Blog,the Learner Blog, and the Class Blog. His suggestions, of course, are equally valid for any foreign language classroom.

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