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Creating Performance Assessments
Our sister LRC, CARLA, has a wonderful online guide to creating and understanding how to use standards-based performance assessments for foreign language: Called the Virtual Assessment Center (don't let the name mislead you, this is not a site which provides online assessment), it explains everything a language teacher needs to know about assessment terms, research, theory, and practical applications.

The Essentials of Language Teaching: Assessment provides guidance on ways of using traditional tests and alternative forms of assessment. Popup windows on the Alternative Assessment page illustrate the use of checklists and rubrics for evaluation. The page on the ACTFL Guidelines includes examples in specific languages.
Section Contents include:
Traditional tests
Alternative assessment
The ACTFL Guidelines
Peer and self assessment
Material in this section is drawn from the module "Alternative assessment in the language classroom" by Diane Tedick and Carol Klee, in Modules for the professional preparation of teaching assistants in foreign languages (Grace Stovall Burkart, ed.; Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics, 1998)

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