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Below is a list of useful websites that offer lessons and activities for your classroom

Virginia Instructional Services Department
The Fairfax County Virginia Instructional Services Department website provides links to find resources in most taught languages as well as picking out a few special sights that may serve some help to foreign language teachers and students. The site contains links to various language-specific and general web resources.

Marty Levine’s Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
Levine has donein-depth research and you can reap the benefits! Simulate a mini study-abroad experience by bringing the treasures of the Prado, the Louvre and other international museums to your classroom. If you are looking for materials for less commonly taught languages, there are also links to sites for teachers of languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.

Languages Other than English
The Learning Scenarios web page from the Languages Other than English website is a wonderful instructional resource that provides thematic, integrative units of study for foreign language teachers. The site gives detailed explanations and numerous ideas of how to include featured lesson plans in your instruction. Scenarios are available in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

Language Learning Activities for the World Wide Web
Language Learning Activities for the World Wide Web describes the educational and enjoyment prospects of developing bilingual websites for two classes of students who speak each other's target language. This site provides a list of activities that can be used by bilingual classes of any languages. For instance, “a Spanish class in the U.S. could team up with an EFL class in South America. By creating bilingual pages, students from both classes would have the opportunity to read and write in the language they are learning. They provide seven detailed explanations of real-life, experiential activities the classes can create.

Check out the 259 original lesson plans and WebQuests stored on Contributed by both teachers and learners, the activities suit a variety of languages, topics, language areas, grade levels, and proficiency levels.

This site archives free, peer-reviewed language learning materials for our use. Although MERLOT is designed primarily for university language instruction, secondary educators will find great lessons, activity and discussion ideas. There are currently 924 annotated, peer reviewed language materials linked to this site.

Foreign Language Acquisition page of LD (Learning Disabilities) Online
Language learning can pose serious problems for the student with learning disabilities. This page provides a number of articles that examine the cause of this difficulty as well as some instructional strategies for teachers. Spanish teachers looking for authentic materials should check out the site’s information in Spanish.

Comm Tech Lab at MSU
This site provides teachers and students with online units in Spanish. Each lesson within the unit contains: a brief description, objectives, materials and resources, activity description, and Internet resources. The site provides six lessons aimed at making the students more proficient speakers and more aware of the culture. This is an excellent source for elementary level teachers.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes
This web site has a list of Internet lesson plans for the foreign language classroom. Lesson plans are available in French (3 Levels), Spanish (4 Levels), German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Latin. Lessons range from literature in the native language to cooking classes. The material can be used for elementary to advanced students.

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
This site offers activities and games that strengthen language learning for elementary school students. The site also offers links to other teaching tools and a forum to discuss lesson plans with other elementary language teachers.

NECTFL Review: Reviews of Teaching Materials
On this page, the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages reviews hundreds of teaching materials. Among the materials reviewed are textbooks, literature, movies, and interactive CDROM's. Materials are available in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and more. The website gives the name, publisher, year of publication, and a brief description of the material. This website is an excellent place for a foreign language teacher to find course materials.

Language Learning and Technology
Language Learning and Technology is an online "refereed journal for second and foreign language educators." From the home page, you can choose from several columns and articles about language instruction and multi-media.

Language Box
This site offers language links about: language learning, multi-media, translation tools, maps, culture, contemporary world issues and more. Information on numerous world languages can be found in the learning zone, one of the many home page links. There are 17 language dictionaries in the dictionary zone link.

The Foreign Language Teaching Forum (FLTEACH)
The Foreign Language Teaching Forum is a multimedia resource for FL teachers. This service provides information on foreign language teaching methods including school/college articulation, student teacher training, classroom activities, curriculum, and syllabus design.

Foreign Language and Technology
The resources page explains how this site supports language education. The C and IT page provides a variety of innovative research projects on languages and linguistics, a list of acronyms used in the field, an informative reading list covering a wide range of language and linguistics topics, discussion groups concerning Language Acquisition and educational technology, an online, searchable database of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) software, reviews of CALL software, websites, and books and annotated links to Internet sites of use to teachers and learners of languages. Althoughthe site is targeted toward the higher education community, the resources are valuable for

Bigchalk Education Network
This site has researched and organized a variety of Internet language teaching tools. This link brings you to the teacher resource page which houses a variety of articles and links on Classroom Management, FL Organizations, and language specific materials and lesson ideas. Choose Resources for Specific Language Teachers for an extensive list of resources for French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Latin, Russian and German.

Write-a-Lesson-Plan Guide
The Ask Eric Write-a-Lesson-Plan Guide provides guiding questions and didactic strategies for developing a lesson plan. As a result of numerous teacher questions on preparing lessons, Ask Eric educators worked with experts and conducted research to create an extensive list of lesson-planning tips and guidelines. Check out the example foreign language lesson, appropriate for K-adult, which introduces minimal pairs using the parlor game BINGO.

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