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Below is a list of links to sites that offer graphic materials and other useful resources.

The Virtual Picture Album
If you teach the language and culture of Basque, China, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, or Tunisia, CARLA’s Virtual Picture Album will serve as a treasury of images that provide insight into the people and society of these cultures. Each photo has a caption, list of topics it is associated with, and a list of vocabulary terms you could use with it. At the bottom of the page for each language there is a huge list of vocabulary, grammar points to use with each group of pictures, and a list of activity suggestions. The photos cover almost everything you could think of to talk about, including architecture, people, activities, food, and travel.

The Internet Picture Dictionary
On the Internet Picture Dictionary database, you will find wide variety of images organized into common thematic unit topics and labeled in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. For online users, this site also provides five fun and simple vocabulary games for your learners such as flashcards, word scramble and “stinky spelling”.

Google Images: filtered
As with most anything else you'd like to find, Google has provided a directory of images you can search for. The link above is to a Safesearch option, which allows you to filter out content you may not want your students to access.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionaries
Looking for labeled images to enhance your materials? Check out the Little Explorers bilingual picture dictionaries. Most have a worksheet, activity, or other interesting information from which a teacher could make a lesson.

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library houses about 3000 images designed to help language educators teach vocabulary in a variety of languages. Site coordinators have done their best to create culturally neutral characters and objects so all target language instructors can use the images. The images are simple and clear, as is the introduction that explains how to navigate the site. You can use the keyword search to locate images specific to your lesson and browse the figures by topic for activity ideas.

Cultural Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
Michael Shaughnessy and Jason Parkhill have created an online dictionary based on authentic target culture images that defines everything from architectural features to plants and animals. The definitions are organized by unit topics.

Askmaps offers links to a variety of international city maps with directions in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovac, Polish, and Portuguese. Learners in laboratories or classes with online access can develop reading comprehension and Internet navigation skills and retrieve great maps. This site also provides printable maps in PDF to use in the classroom.

Language learners and educators can access an enormous selection of free downloadable maps in the Geography section of In addition to local, regional and global maps, offers a range of graphic organizers with unlimited instructional possibilities such as time zones, calendars, topographical and physical geography maps, historic maps, and street and road maps. Students will enjoy researching, labeling and expanding on the target culture information they discover.

Modern Language Resource Center Keyboard Guide to Typing Foreign Characters
Wondering how to type Spanish, French, Italian and German letters and punctuation? Check out this easy-to-use list of instructions – for both MAC and PC. If you do not understand the commands, click on the tutorial at the bottom of the page for a detailed explanation.

The printable word searches, crossword puzzles and letter tiles on Discovery’s Puzzlemaker can be used as warm ups to review material from past lessons, activate students’ background knowledge of the day’s lesson and create interest in a topic. These easy to make language games also offer endless possibilities for vocabulary and grammar revision activities.

Venn Diagrams
Are you looking for graphic organizers online?  If so, check out the create-your-own-diagram feature on these sites. 

For geographical images and information  use the Global teacher annotated resource page.  There are puzzle activities on maps that teach and brainstorming language learning activities. The language translators and conversion sites are great information sources as well. 

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