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Handouts from AATSP Conference in Denver, CO - July 20, 2015
    Authentic Classrooms: Leading Students Toward Proficiency.

In authentic classrooms languages and cultures meet in a swirl of activity surrounding learners with sounds and meanings of the language. Materials of and from the culture are key to helping students become proficient in using their new language. Using the free educational resource Teaching World Languages: A Practical Guide, this session examines principles supporting effective teaching practices and demonstrates how these practices can be applied to the 5 Cs and the Can-Do-Statements of language learning.

Presented by Anna Uhl Chamot, Ph.D. and Sheila W. Cockey, MALS, M.Ed.

Lessons from 2009 Spanish Immersion
These lessons were created by the participants in NCLRC's Summer Institute: Spain: Language and Culture
List of lessons and link to pdf file

Juegos para el aprendizaje de español (Games to teach Spanish)
Click on the links below to download a printable Word document with game instructions.

Para una lección memorable, los maestros pueden utilizar una estrategia que ayude a los estudiantes a reforzar lo que están aprendiendo en clase: ¡juegos! Los estudiantes no solo se divierten, sino también repiten palabras y frases que recordarán después porque están practicando el lenguaje activamente. Los siguientes juegos permiten que los estudiantes aprendan a reconocer vocabulario, a contar números, y a describir las personas en español:

Blogs about popular table games in Spain
In doing some research recently about table games popular in Spain, I came across the following blogs, all of which provided information about the topic, including rules of the games, history, and other interesting information. In addition, there are lots of memories of childhood pastimes (recommended by Sheila Cockey).

Game of the year, 2006, in Spain
Descriptions of a dozen board games that vary in difficulty and age. Information about how to purchase these games, both in US and in Europe. User comments about the games are helpful in choosing one. These games are newly developed and entered into a contest, with a winner chosen each year.

Questions about how to play various board games

El Orígen de los juegos (Origin of the Games)

¿A qué jugabais de pequeños?

Pistas, noticias y enlaces sobre Cibercultura, Medios, eComunicación y Blogging por José Luis Orihuela y sus invitados.
Hosted by a university professor, this site has an extensive list of topics, including new entries in the RAE dictionary, the treatment of cancer in the TV series House and commentary on the movie "The Mystery of Picasso".

GoogleBlog Mexico
Run by Google Mexico, this is a forum for a variety of topics from the Google toolbar now in many languages and for other browsers to the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, even announcing various contests. There do not seem to be a lot of responses to the posts, but it could be a good place for finding information.

Varias Veces
This blog comes from Spain. The topics focus on entertainment, principally opinions about and reactions to various television programs and programming schedules.

This is a personal blog from Spain about a variety of life events in life. It plays games with its respondents. It could be a fun place to visit.

Summer Institutes Lessons
These are lessons that were shared by our Spanish Summer Institutes participants

2006 Institute:

Lessons and Activities and Other Materials
Learning Strategies
Lessons and activities
Lesson Plans for Spanish only: The LP below can only be used for a Spanish classroom, however, there are many other lesson plans that can be used in a language classroom by only adapting them to the target language, if you wish to see them, click on the link lessons and activities above.

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