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آخر الأخبار
باللغة العربية المبسطة
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Remember, use scripts as a last resort!


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Webcast for October 15, 2009

For Quia exercises, you do NOT need to sign in, however, if you set up a Quia account for yourself, and sign in with that, you can track your performance on the quizzes. Suggestions:
  • Read all the exercises first! They will help you to understand everything you can.

  • Don't listen word for word. Try to get the gist. On the other hand, pay close attention to names and numbers.
  • Use your background knowledge and common sense. If you are listening to a report on a natural disaster in Brazil, chances are it won't have to do with snow.
  • While the scripts for the broadcasts are available, use them only as a last resort.
Read the title. If you are uncertain about the topic, look at the vocabulary list at the top of the Quia exercise page. Listen to the mp3 file once, taking notes if you wish, then go to the Quia page and try doing the exercise. Listen a second time (the sound file is linked to the Quia page) before clicking to check your answers, then listen again. You can download the sound files in iTunes to listen repeatedly while on the go, continuing to develop your skills.
٨٥ الف قتيل بالعراق في اربع سنوات Exercise sheet Listen
وفاة مصرية ثالثة بٕانفلوانزا الخنازير Exercise sheet Listen
َََبث ٔاغنية جديدة للمغني الراحل مايكل جاكسون Exercise sheet Listen
اعتقال مصري متهم بالهجوم علي ثكنة عسكرية في ميالالنو Exercise sheet Listen
اليمن: آلاف الجنوبيين يتظاهرون للمطالبة بالانفصال Exercise sheet Listen

Note: The exercise sheets are currently hosted at an external location, causing them to open in a new window (or tab). In order to listen to the corresponding listening exercise, please return to this page and click 'Listen'.

Complaints and kudos can be sent to the project director: Rana Kanaan,

Credits. Project director: Rana Kanaan. Executive Director: Richard Robin. rssSubscribe in a reader

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